As a full and flexible Traditional Furniture manufacturer and supplier to India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries like Hong Kong and China, we are committed and dedicated to quality, sustainability, durability, affordability and beauty in our products. Not just this, we also aim at enhancing customer experience in terms of satisfaction and guarantee by offering them a complete range of home furnitureproducts and our wide range of home swingsare just a part of our this reach philosophy.

Swings on offer

H M Furniture Art is a manufacturer and supplierof and offers swings for home, garden and other places in a number of variety in high quality, reach outlook and comfort. Our varied and wide range of swings for home includes wooden swings of antique era as well as modern era.

Take a look at our royal looking, cool feeling swings range and feel the comfort at first look!

  • Swings for Home
    • Wooden Swings
    Wooden Swings for home are carved so nicely that you cant stay away from it whole day! Our extensive design range in wooden swings include simple to royal swings. Choose from any design, shape, color and size as per your specific and customized requirements. We are also available with an option of customized swings order in which we manufacture and supply swings of your choice! So what are you looking for, just rush to us and experience the joy, the comfort and the complete piece of mind while you rest on our stunning wooden swings.
    • One Sitter Swings
    Our wooden swings are available in one sitter swing pattern. These kind of wooden swings are capable of serving one person at a time and are ideal for use in your homes balcony or the place where space is a concern. You can choose from a large range of color, shape and size for this one sitter swings.
    • Multiple Sitter Swings
    Apart from single person capacity, one sitter swings, we also manufacture and supply swings of large size which are capable of serving three to four persons at a time. This type of swing is an ideal choice for your terrace where space is not a big concern! The great thing about this large size gorgeous looking swings is that just like any other swing; this swing set is also available in a variety of color. So just come to us, and choose the color you love and have the swing at your home!
    • Swings for Garden
    H M Furniture Art also offers full set of swings set for garden. Our extensive range of beautifully carved swings for garden are available in a wide range of color, size, shape and style that matches your gardens look. Special feature of our furniture for garden are specially manufactured by keeping a point of view in the mind that we are carving swings set for garden that not just gives comforts to its user but also enhances beauty and feelings of the garden! This approach is easily reflected in our designs of swings for furniture.

    If you have been searching for the swings that suit your place and gives you optimum value of your budget, give H M Furniture Art a chance to serve you and experience the real comfort in this fast life of stress!
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